Warehousing & logistics

Lower costs and reduced environmental impact – we can handle your warehousing and logistics.

Whatever we process for you can also be stored with us. To cut costs and carbon emissions, many of our customers dispense with unnecessary shipping of goods and instead supply their own customers with raw materials, intermediates and finished products directly from our warehouse.

Logistics and warehousing

Logistics service

Of course we can also take on your entire logistics chain – from selecting a forwarder through customs clearance to just-in-time delivery to your customers. Whether the goods are to be shipped within the USA or worldwide, our experience lets us offer almost any mode of transportation and take care of all formalities.

Optional minimum stock administration

We offer our customers a minimum stock administration service at the warehouse. In this way we ensure that goods are re-ordered automatically if the quantity in stock falls below a certain level.


Food safety has top priority.