Quality management

Quality management –
the basis for shared success.

Today’s safety requirements in the food industry are stricter than ever before. Even the smallest issues can have a huge impact on a company’s reputation. We are aware of this responsibility, and with rigorous quality control and quality assurance we take every precaution to ensure the greatest possible safety for you.

Your product in safe hands

Quality assurance

With the aid of our centrally organized and monitored quality control system, we ensure that all products leave our factory in top condition. The first step is a strict receiving inspection of the raw materials. Further services include documentation to strict QA criteria, regular auditing, and employee training.

Safety standards

We make constant efforts to raise our high safety standards even further. When new requirements come into force we invest in technology that ensures compliance with them. Our hygiene and food safety measures conform to the current regulations at all times. Our production areas can only be accessed through a hygiene room.

Quality assurance

Quality management
  • Automatic standard control sifting from 0.5 to 5 mm, depending on the product attributes
  • Metal detection
  • Easy-to-clean plant ensuring maximum quality and flexibility
  • An unbroken chain of documentation
  • Reliable traceability of batches of raw materials and packaging
  • Professional quality management with a continuous improvement process
  • Regular employee training
  • Operating under a HACCP system and FDA guidelines