Multifunctional production plant to meet individual requirements.

In the compounding of substances in powder form, SternMaid America has made a name for quality. We carry out your blending orders with enthusiasm, expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

We blend and process batch sizes from 130 to 400 gal (500 to 1,500 liters), averaging 500 to 1,700 lbs (250 to 750 kg). We also have the right capabilities for premixes or trial blends. Our blending line is frequency-controlled and fills your orders gently, with short blending times. For intensive mixing or grinding we use cutter heads that make it possible to work in liquids and break up any lumps.

Blending is our mission: tailor-made compounding

Tailor-made blending for small and
medium-sized orders:

Our semi-automated blending line of the latest design can be used flexibly for order sizes from 500 lbs and over 22,000 lbs (from 250 kg and over 10,000 kg). Besides our unusual blending accuracy of up to 1:100,000, this plant offers the advantages of quick set-up times and flexible filling into containers such as bags, cartons, drums or FIBCs (super sacks).

Efficient blending of large quantities

The production line is operated by a central process control and visual display system. Individual formulations with numerous different raw materials can be proportioned and weighed in semi-automatically. An unbroken line of documentation goes without saying, as does strict adherence to the formulation and to the safety of the process.

Optional spraying-in of liquid substances

On this line liquid components can be sprayed onto the powder homogeneously through special nozzles. Microcomponents like flavorings, oils, emulsifiers etc. can be dispersed very finely through these atomizing spray nozzles. High percentages of fats and highly-viscous liquids can be added too.

Facts & figures

Powder blending technology
  • Batch-by-batch documentation of setpoint/actual values in weighing
  • Computer-assisted hand weighing system for micronutrients and raw materials not suitable for automatic conveying
  • Blending unit with cutter head
  • Blending accuracy 1:100,000
  • Addition of liquid substances from 0.01 to 60% of the formulation through special nozzles
  • Semi-automatic blending line