Contract manufacturing is a matter of trust:
your product in our professional hands.

For many companies, outsourcing presents a real challenge. Because ultimately, it means handing over control. SternMaid America is aware of that. So we make every effort to justify the trust our customers place in us with superior quality, care and safety, while always taking their individual needs into account.

We offer contract manufacturing as a full service – from know-how on compounding, quality control, filling and refilling to warehousing and logistics. Our services are so individualized that we can provide tailor-made solutions for all kinds of different requirements. Working with SternMaid America ensures that you get quality, flexibility and safe production – today and tomorrow.



Executive Vice President

Jan Thoele Phone: +1 (630) 270-1100

Our main applications

Food ingredients

Are you looking to improve the structure, flavor, color or shelf-life of your foods? We blend and deliver whatever you need for that, from baking powder to enzymes and proteins to sugar replacers.

Food supplements

We use our equipment to produce and optimize your nutritious lifestyle and health products such as dietetic drinks, dietetic soups, lactose, whey drinks, protein products, dry beverage bases and specialties for athletes.


SternMaid America in Chicago

Opening of the first production plant of its own in Aurora, near Chicago. The facility in Illinois offers comprehensive, customized contract manufacturing services for compounding powdered substances, in particular food supplements.  Read more…